Welcome to RIDE-Arc.org -- Patience is a virtue. Discovery is yours.

RIDE-Arc is a monthly social bicycle ride in the cool evening air with a referenced Architectural theme, mixed with some Urban Anthropology, and your own personal sense of adventure and discovery. Wonderful rides, good vibes taking you to places that shape the Los Angeles urban landscape.


We are developing, however slowly, our own mailing list running off of this website. In the meantime, we have had great success and results with our current mailing list, hosted through Google Groups. We have virtually no spam attacks, the activity is low, and it is an open forum for all members to ask other members for bicycle-related help, recommendations, links, etc:.
Most importantly, it is the mailing list through which rides and ride-details are announced the week of each ride.

Be sure to select 'EMAIL' or 'DIGEST' as a subscription option, your choice. Selecting 'no e-mail' makes your subscription pointless, since you won't be receiving anything under that setting. Our archives are public (and searchable on Google!), regardless of subscription. Subscription will get you the latest announcements for what rides are coming up, related tidbits of information and more.



If you are the DIY type, you can join the mailing list here: http://groups.google.com/ridearc-list/


RIDE-Arc is run entirely as a non-profit and/or out-of-pocket. If you appreciate what we do, and would like to support future rides, we welcome your donations. Thank you.

Because many of these expenses are not constant, we want to ensure that your donations are actually working for the better good while in waiting for their RIDE-Arc needs. Funds are directly deposited into a high-yield savings account with HSBC. So, technically, for every $1 you put in, you actually put in an additional 5 cents per month, accruing! Yay! We chose HSBC after much research because they are well documented as a bank for socially and environmentally conscious investment practices. Just as you support us, we too support great ideas and healthy working contributions to our global society. We are not officially a non-profit, as we do not have the resources to apply for a 501c3 tax status from the U.S. Government. We do operate as a non-profit however, as everything we do is entirely coming from our love and enthusiasm to share and give. Your contributions and love will be reflected 10 fold in the rides we organize and the level to which RIDE-Arc rides into the night.


You can e-mail us directly via or use the form below.


Why the disclaimer?

To put it simply, we're providing a disclaimer for the worse-case scenario, absolute-nightmare kind of thing that we, as the planners and founders don't want to see - and considering RIDE-Arc's nature, probably never will.
The disclaimer is covering everything - many of which are not, and have never been, aspects of RIDE-Arc rides. The rides are known for their relaxed and fun nature. We hold very true to the motto of "No Rider Left Behind," and we never leave anyone stranded. The community that forms itself with each RIDE-Arc is a beautiful thing to be a part of. We help each other out, we make friends, we have a great time.
Despite all these very positive aspects, we're still laying out the disclaimer just-in-case. You'd understand if you were the planners behind these rides, too.
The disclaimer is intended to cover not only the actions of participants on the rides, but also the responsibility of the founders and the responsibilities of you, the participant in these rides.
We ask that you provide your own bicycle that is in good working condition and not mechanically prone to causing harm to yourself nor others.
We're asking that people don't litter, but if you've ever been on these rides you wouldn't be surprised at the notion of participants gathering recyclables along the way and donating the articles to the nearest facility.
Additionally, we are claiming no responsibility for the actions of motorists, participants and the results of their interactions. Again, RIDE-Arc has never encountered any disgruntled motorists nor has any participant incited opposition between bicyclist and motorist. In fact, it's been quite the opposite! Signs of support, smiles, and interest are the interactions RIDE-Arc encounters. We hope this continues.

The Disclaimer

Organizers, proponents and participants of RIDE-Arc claim no responsibility for the actions of individuals participating in the ride, nor of individuals on foot or in motorized vehicles. Participants are responsible for their own safety and behavior in relation to other participants, drivers of vehicles, and the law. RIDE-Arc does not condone violence, vandalism, wanton disregard for public safety, disruption of public transit or emergency vehicles, or any violations of state or local laws. The organizers of RIDE-Arc claim no responsibility for the safety of bicyclists who chose to follow previous routes. Check current road conditions prior to venturing on the routes provided.