Welcome to Ride-Arc.org -- Patience is a virtue. Discovery is yours.

Ride-Arc was a monthly social bicycle ride in the cool evening air with a referenced thesis dancing between Architecture, Urban Anthropology, and your own personal sense of adventure and discovery.

After a prolonged hiatus, Ride-Arc is returning with a new approach, new passion, new explorations, and an expanding horizon of experiences to be shared. We recommend signing up for the new newsletter, it will be to your advantage for participation and any indulgences into the experience we would like to share with you. We're excited for the future and we hope to see this in your eyes too.

If you were subscribed to the previous newsletter, once a Google Group, rest assured that you are not forgotten: your membership has been transferred over to the new list.

As always, your information will not be shared, never be sold, and we will never willingly let you down.


(yes, a new logo is in the future as well)